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How to Pass CCIE Lab Exam in First Attempt???

Some important Tips to crack CCIE in First attempt.

Cisco CCIE certification is well-known and difficult IT certification of today. It is the world’s most prestigious IT Networking Certification. Individuals having CCIE certification are expert networkers and are considered as Highest paid IT Professionals. CCIE certification has seven different tracks to follow which are as under:

  • CCDE
  • CCIE Routing & Switching
  • CCIE Data Center
  • CCIE Security
  • CCIE Wireless
  • CCIE Service Provider
  • CCIE Collaboration

Achieving any of the CCIE certification requires a lot of time and dedication. As it is said that CCIE is a very difficult exam to pass, therefore I want to share some ultimate tips from CCIE Certified professionals to help you pass your CCIE Certification in the first attempt. Although hard work, persistence, and time management are the far most important factors to achieve any certification, but these tips will give you a right direction and will help you clear CCIE exam.

1. Choose a right training institute and Learn from the professional Trainers

It is really imperative that you choose right institute and get trained from experienced professionals who have already passed CCIE. The trainers at best CCIE Training Institute are well qualified and experienced. As they have the experience of taking CCIE exam, they know the environment completely and can tell you about each and every important thing. On the basis of their personal experience and the training they have already given to CCIE candidates, they will share the tricks and tips to clear the exam at first attempt. They can also tell you important topics on which you need to spend more time.

2. Regular Lab Training to clear concepts

CCIE candidates must take regular lab training/practice before attempting CCIE exam. Networking requires practical experience and you cannot cram everything and sit for the exam. All the networking exams are conceptual based and the lab practice will make you learn the concepts and understand them. Few hours of daily lab practice with a proper training is necessary to clear this examination. If you already understand the concepts then implement it one by one; if you implement it correctly, repeat it again. Continue to repeating it until you do it in the minimum possible time. CCIE candidates should emphasis on concept and not on cramming the answers only.3. Keep yourself updatedWhile preparing for CCIE exam, you should also follow the CCIE Blogs on the web and the official Cisco curriculum + latest practical workbooks. It’s of utmost importance and will be very helpful in keeping yourself updated with the latest news about your upcoming exam like which course has been revised, which topics 

4. Develop Expertise and Troubleshooting skills

CCIE certifications are all about knowledge of technology and are designed to validate candidates’ expertise theoretically as well as practically. Hence getting expertise in CCIE modules/configurations is necessary to pass the exams. This can only be done by training and practice of the modules. Ideally, CCIE candidate should take rigorous lab training before CCIE exam. Don’t use simulators for practical, real lab devices and lab infrastructure is a key factor while choosing a Cisco CCIE training institute. 

All tracks of CCIE Certification need to pass both CCIE Written and Lab exams to earn the respective certification. And for passing these exams candidates must have strong troubleshooting knowledge and skills. In each of the exam, a network scenario and a network would be given to the candidate and he needs to troubleshoot it. He must know from which source the packet started and where it will move to, how to debug the entire transmission. So a candidate must be prepared for it.

5. Consult different books and resources to prepare CCIE exam

Networking is a very vast field, so don't rely on one resource to get maximum knowledge for your CCIE certification exam preparation. You must consult different books, read from multiple learning sources. You can go for Cisco docs, press books, RFC's, online study material etc. is the best study resource with CCIE routing and switching lab workbook for CCIE certification candidates. They are well reputed for their valid and real CCIE routing and switching lab dumps. 

6. Take Practice Exams before Real One

 After completing your CCIE course training and practice you must go for mock/Practice CCIE exams. Many useful websites are available on the internet where you can take virtual exams or online Practice tests before your actual exam. Performing simulation and practicing these online tests will help you check your Networking knowledge and the process of the exam. can prepare you for CCIE routing and switching lab exam questions and practical exam. You can improve time management, learn to execute configurations faster and master the Q&As with each practice exam of CCIE routing and switching lab workbook.

7. Time Management, Speed & Know the References 

CCIE candidates require the practice of technical skills and a great speed for clearing CCIE lab examination in a go. The concepts and topologies are very tough, therefore it is advisable to start at a slow speed and attain a good speed. Time management is the key factor of this exam and it's an open book exam so candidate must have the complete knowledge of right references for commands as well as instructions.

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